MyRoom with Wearable Tech - Visual Remote Guidance (VRG) for hands-free useMyRoom with SpeechTrans - Real-time speech translation in 40+ LanguagesMyRoom advanced collaboration - Full collaboration experience with wearables

MyRoom/VRG – The first and only collaboration solution that enables smart glass wearable technology to be applied to solving complex problems for diverse business functions, across a wide variety of industries.

MyRoom/SpeechTrans – The first and only speech translation built to enable business collaboration, across borders, time zones and language divides.

MyRoom/Advanced Collaboration – Embedded in the HPI Sprout, MyRoom is the first and only advanced collaboration system to power a 3D personal computer.

How can MyRoom/VRG apply to your business?How can MyRoom/Speech Translation apply to your business?How can MyRoom/Advanced Collaboration apply to your business?

Why HPE MyRoom?

Improved customer

support &
service delivery

Remote product

& repair

Enhanced, on-the-job


Improved collaboration in

sales &
product dev

Customer Profiles

Selected by HPI Graphics business as platform for secure Remote Customer Service.

Delivery in active pilot testing with State Agencies, Utilities, Major Automotive, Aerospace, Pharma and more.

Most applications of this innovative technology are emerging and yet to be thought of.

Upcoming events and resources

MyRoom events in 2016

  • HPE Discover - Las Vegas, London
  • BrainXchange - Atlanta

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Solution Partners

Industry Solution Partners

MyRoom is a hardware-agnostic solution built to interoperate with a variety of wearable devices and innovative software technology. Our solution partners are among the leaders in the market:

Vuzix M100

ChipSiP SiME


HPE Solution Partners

MyRoom with its VRG, SpeechTrans and Advanced Collaboration capabilities is embedded in many HP products in the market today!

HPI Graphics Division - embeds HPE MyRoom in their Indigo digital presses to enable remote collaboration and support delivery

HPI Sprout computer - embeds HPE MyRoom to enhance the user's creative experience

HPI PPS Education - brings HPE MyRoom into the classroom with tablets and mobility devices to enable children to learn about technology to enhance the user's creative experience

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