Meeting today’s challenges

State, local, and provincial governments' ability to provide services to constituents is being challenged by budgetary pressures, regulatory guidelines, aging demographics, and heightened concerns over security and privacy. These issues are the driving forces complicating the decisions of today's government officials.

Our state, local and provincial government services and solutions range from application transformation and infrastructure consulting to complete outsourcing and cloud. We also combine pre-integrated, commercial, off-the-shelf components with custom software to deliver all the advantages of both.

Note: Some of the government industry solutions and services presented are primarily delivered to/for U.S. Public Sector clients. However, HP Enterprise Services can deliver these services and components of these solutions to meet the unique regulatory environments and laws of respective countries around the world.

Justice Services

HP partners with clients to apply innovative technology solutions that improve justice policy outcomes, effectiveness and efficiency. Our solutions assist the judiciary, court clerks and administrative staff, prosecutors, public defenders, probation officials, parole administrators, and juvenile detention.


Offender Management

With a wide range of IT solutions, HP helps justice and corrections agencies manage offenders, as well as associated data and reporting requirements, both when in the institution and upon release; decrease financial, human resource and procurement risks; and improve healthcare services provisioning—to create safer, more secure prison facilities and safer communities that we serve and in which we live.


Public Retirement and Benefits Administration

Las organizaciones de defensa y seguridad actuales se enfrentan a retos únicos, que exigen niveles superiores de información y de seguridad, la capacidad de habilitar redes para las tropas y la modernización de las funciones de soporte.