Protect, defend and respond.

HP National Security Solutions help governments at all levels protect physical facilities and information systems from terrorist or criminal attacks. And we enable you to respond quickly to threats and natural disasters.

We secure data, applications, networks and end-user devices. We identify vulnerabilities and detect attempted intrusions. We help you analyze risks and establish security operations procedures so you can respond quickly and correctly to threats. We provide identity management to verify that only authorized users access computer systems and physical facilities. And we enable agencies to create virtual operations centers when quick, coordinated response to attacks or natural disasters is required.

Citizens expect governments to use technology to improve efficiency and provide easy access to information and services. But more than anything, they expect governments to protect what the public entrusts to them. HP National Security Solutions help you do that.

Dealing with threats from computer viruses to terrorist attacks

Computer-savvy citizens connect with friends, check their bank balance and make purchases from their computer or smartphone. They expect public data and government transactions to work the same way.

But that same openness and reliance on computerization makes government data and operations even more vulnerable to attack—and attacks potentially more devastating. Cyber threats have increased 8,000 percent since 2002. Physical security of data centers and other facilities has become more critical as threats have grown. So new regulations require agencies to implement robust identity verification solutions that control access to both physical and cyber facilities.

When incidents and natural disasters do occur, governments at all levels must bring public safety and emergency response teams together quickly. For, whatever views citizens have of the role of government, they expect a rapid, coordinated and effective response to emergencies, from bomb threats to tsunamis.

National security solutions based on HP technology and expertise
HP National Security Solutions apply HP technology and expertise to the challenges of securing the homeland. We work with you to analyze your needs and objectives. We design and implement the solution. We consult with you and train your personnel to improve operations and administrative processes affecting security.

With our technology for network and computer systems security, we improve cybersecurity in governments. Our expertise in secure data processing and security operations let us deliver identity management solutions compliant with Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12) and Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201. And our experience creating secure information sharing systems lets us enable inter-agency command and control operations so agencies can respond quickly to threats.

Why HP for National Security?
We employ more than 2,000 security professionals and 150 consultants to meet the needs of government clients. We have more than 10 years of experience in federal biometric and card-based access control systems. We are the largest provider of identity management smart card solutions for the U.S. government. And we manage and secure 380,000 servers, 3 million desktops and 86 leveraged data centers worldwide.

But it’s not just about scale. We bring our technology and our people to create solutions that work for each client. You benefit from the learning we have gained over thousands of engagements making governments and private businesses more secure.