Mobility is the new interaction model

Mobility is more than just a mobile device. Mobility is the new interaction model to engage our customers, employees and partners.

Creating great mobile user experiences requires a partner that understands mobile technology and can create secure, seamless, context-aware experiences in a mobile connected world.

Mobile applications services

We understand mobile technology, and deliver a full suite of mobile applications services to help you envision, plan, architect, design, build, integrate and test mobile applications for your enterprise:

  • Mobile strategic enterprise assessment
  • Mobile opportunity workshop
  • Mobile enterprise solution architecture
  • Mobile user experience (UX) design
  • Mobile application development (native, cross-platform, hybrid)
  • Mobile application testing (quality, usability, performance, security)
  • Mobile systems integration

We can help you build mobile applications that enable you to convert mobile customer interactions into revenue opportunities and improve business operations with employee productivity applications.


Native, cross-platform, mobile app, or mobile web?

Choosing the right mobile strategy requires careful alignment to your business goals. We can work with you to help you answer the questions:

  • Should we develop native mobile apps and maintain multiple code bases?
  • Should we create mobile websites and web apps with responsive web design?
  • Should we use a cross-platform solution so we can write once and deploy to many devices?

Our mobile application development specialists can build:

  • Native mobile applications
  • Cross-platform mobile applications with leading mobile enterprise application platforms
  • Mobile websites and web apps with responsive web design
  • Hybrid applications integrating multiple techniques

Mobile apps – agile methods

Mobile applications lend themselves naturally to agile development methods. Typical characteristics of the mobile application cycles, include:

  • Incremental releases of mobile functionality
  • Rapid development cycles
  • Continuous feedback from mobile users

Our project teams use agile methodology and development tools in our Mobility centers to help you rapidly build and deploy mobile applications to accelerate the time to value of your mobile initiatives.