Overcome outdated application systems.

HP Transformation and Integration Services provides consulting, custom development and integration services to bring your IT services up to date with modern architectures and platforms.

We transform your IT strategy, architecture and governance policies to better align with your business goals. We modernize your applications to create a streamlined, agile environment that adapts quickly to business needs. We use service-oriented architecture (SOA) to implement fundamental business functions and assemble them into business processes. We help you implement and use cloud services. And we create self-service portals that improve employee productivity and connect you with customers and partners.

Transformation and Integration Services helps you overcome the limitations of outdated, inflexible application systems so you can better meet emerging business needs.

Look to the future.

Transformation and Integration Services transforms your application environment to modern platforms and architectures. We assess your IT environment to determine what you have and the strategic value of your applications portfolio to the business. Then we help you transform to reach your agility goals.

Our services offer a quick path to information management solutions like content management, business intelligence and unified portals for employees, partners and customers. You take advantage of the latest technologies, so you can adapt to business needs while reducing IT costs. We use our experience and tools to create the best solution for you. And we get it done quicker, so your benefits start earlier.

Applications Modernization Services

Transforms applications from rigid legacy environments to modern agile technologies that lower total cost of ownership and align technology with business priorities. Includes our Transformation Experience Workshop that helps you identify opportunities, estimate the ROI and create a roadmap to modernization.

Transformation Consulting Services

A complete, actionable plan for managing your IT transformation. Turns IT into a business asset that lowers long-term cost, improves controls and reduces risk.

SOA and Integration Services

Enables a more flexible applications infrastructure through component re-use and reduced interface complexity. Lets you create and change business processes as the business changes.


Transformation Experience Workshop

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