Make your vision a reality

You have a cutting edge vision for the future of healthcare. Your vision is a streamlined, efficient and sustainable model promoting the health of your membership and the quality of care in your community. You achieve a partnership with your providers and serve as a leading partner and corporate citizen within your marketplace.

The landscape is changing. There are new entrants into the health plan market; new expectations from consumers and new legislative mandates are consuming larger and larger portions of financial and human resources. Today’s world looks markedly different from the one you grew up in.

The HP MetaVance Solution is the key to navigating the changing landscape and is the core of your enterprise helping you achieve the vision of the future for your enterprise. MetaVance is scalable to grow as you grow while increasing the quality and accuracy of your plan administration tasks. It is configurable so you can respond quickly to new mandates and get new offerings to market faster.

Managed or full solution for your organization

The HP MetaVance Solution automates core administrative processes for a wide spectrum of commercial healthcare payers. We support a complete array of standard and specialty including medical, hospital, outpatient, Medicare, long-term care, life/ADD, dental, CDHP and self-funded accounting arrangements.

The solution supports a variety of deployment options including specific components integrated into your larger enterprise environment or a full suite of components including claims, membership, billing and more. HP offers a variety of implementation solutions and services from hosted to full business process outsourcing.

Users of MetaVance achieve 75 to 85 percent first-pass claims processing results and save $2 per claim on average. Streamline processes and improve customer service for your employers, members, consumers and providers. Support and expedite key payer processes while supporting all HIPAA and federal regulatory requirements as well as ICD-10 processing.