Re-focus your time and money

Our portfolio of Finance and Administration Services can help you better deal with challenges to your business and allow you to devote your management resources to core competencies and growth strategies. Partnering with HP can change the way you do business, since we can handle a variety of functions—from sourcing indirect supplies and collecting customer payments, to performing cost and inventory accounting activities and reducing Days Sales Outstanding. Our experts become an extension of your team to provide the knowledge to make processes and systems operate more effectively. So you can focus on your core business while you work with a strategic partner to progress towards world-class finance operations.

Finance and Administration Services - Analytics Services

Our Finance and Administration Analytics Services incorporate structured and unstructured data and content to drive tangible business impact in a cost effective manner. Leveraging HP technology and people expertise, we take a scientific and collaborative approach to help you use the ever-increasing available data to improve decision-making. We embed analytics and business intelligence into our BPS solutions and also provide them as stand-alone services.

Finance and Administration Services - Source-to-Pay Services

Our Finance and Administration Source-to-Pay (S2P) Services are designed to provide you with a sourcing and supply chain strategy that drives long-term realized savings through an efficient procurement and payables process, and provides greater efficiency and accuracy through the automation of source-to-pay processes. You can better manage your cash outflow through payments that are more predictable, better supplier relationships, and by a reduction of manual intervention in the process.

Finance and Administration Services - Order-to-Cash Services

Our Finance and Administration Order-to-Cash (O2C) Services are designed to help you optimize the order-to-cash process from transaction processing activities such as credit check, customer order, collection of customers’ accounts receivable balance and application of payment, to more complex O2C process components. The portfolio of services includes Sales & Credit Management, Order Management, Billing, Collections Management, and Cash Application Service. These can help improve cash flow with better systems and techniques to reduce past-due receivables.

Finance and Administration Services - Record-to-Report Services

Our Finance and & Administration Services Record-to-Report (R2R) Services are designed to help you meet operational objectives of lowering processing costs, improving reporting quality and controls, and enhancing financial transparency, through better management and control of your Record-to-Report process. We support a variety of accounting transactions through our General Accounting, Financial Planning and Analysis / Reporting, Cost and Inventory Accounting, Fixed Assets and Banking/Treasury Support services.

Finance and Administration Services - Framework for Innovation and Transformation (FIT)

HP Framework for Innovation and Transformation (FIT) is a comprehensive methodology to perform benchmarking and maturity assessment. Through FIT, you can create a strategic transformational roadmap effectuated by the right set of business, process, and technology levers. FIT can help you define the improvements and changes required for business transformation.

Procurement Services

HP Procurement Services provide your company with the experience to properly source your goods and services and realize savings in your bottom line. We analyze your current spending level and look for ways to cut expenditure and improve processes. By offering direct and indirect purchasing options for your company, we help you cut costs and improve efficiencies across your organization.

Human Resource and Payroll Services

As businesses grow, so do their HR and payroll problems. Often it is not just about a larger number of employees, the problems could be manifold if they involve a merger or acquisition. Getting two disparate systems to function as a single, seamless process requires both careful planning and hard, hands-on work.

We offer sophisticated HR and Payroll services to companies looking to transform the way services are delivered to their employees—from manual payroll processing and delivery, to Web-enabled employee and manager self-service. We provide the process management, personnel and IT expertise to deliver a full portfolio of services—including Workforce and Leave Administration, Talent Management and Total Rewards. We have unique global HR and payroll operation solutions to meet your requirements for a single view of your workforce. In addition, with our technologies, we can help you meet today’s always-on workforce expectations for a high-quality, self-service functionality for HR and payroll apps across multiple devices.



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