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I have a new router. What now?

Wireless router

When choosing a location for your   wireless router, avoid having the following items between the wireless router and wireless devices on the network: long distances, walls, other wireless devices (like cordless phones), and large appliances.

You will need to set up your new wireless router. The router should come with a software CD to guide you through the set up. This is the easiest way to configure your router. If you have trouble or have lost the CD, see your router manufacturer's website. Read the Setup and security section for our recommended wireless router settings.

When you first connect your wireless router into your   DSL or cable   modem, make sure the both the router and modem's power cables are unplugged. After your wireless router is connected to the modem, plug in the modem's power and wait a couple of minutes. Then plug in the power cable to your wireless router and configure the router using the manufacturer's instructions and/or CD.

If your Internet Service Provider (  ISP) supplies your wireless router, contact them about access to the wireless router settings.