HP Executive Team

Nguyen Ba Quynh

General Manager of HP Vietnam Imaging & Printing Group

Quynh's biography

Nguyen Ba Quynh is currently working as Country General Manager of Hewlett-Packard Vietnam Imaging & Printing Group (IPG).

Prior to the current role, he was General Director of APC-MGE Vietnam, a company of Schneider Electric Corporation (2006-2009) and various management roles in Multinational Companies such as Deputy Country General Manager of IBM Vietnam Company and Country Manager of IBM Global Services for Indochina Territory (2001-2006).

Nguyen Ba Quynh got government scholoarship to study Computer Science at the Warsaw University of Technologies (Politechnika Warszawska) in Poland; then he got selected to continue the study at Franco-Polish School of New Information & Communications Technologies (EFP) – a Subsidiary of The prestigious Ecole Nationale Superieure en Telecommunication (ENST) in France. At the final year of his study, he got scholarship to prepare his Master Thesis at the National Institute of Research in Computing (INRIA) in France and received Master Degree in Computer Engineering & Telecommunication Management in 1996.

Quynh also got MBA Degree from University of Hawaii, at Schidler College of International Business, USA.