Simplify gathering, tracking and informing

HP IT Executive Scorecard automatically gathers metrics from across your IT systems to build key performance indicators. It provides scorecards and dashboards for managers to show them insights in business-friendly formats that can help to convey the value of IT. Before the HP IT Executive Scorecard, IT tried to pull together reports using manual processes that were slow, difficult, and with little or no governance. With HP IT Executive Scorecard you can automate the gathering of information from diverse sources, consolidating it, linking it to a service hierarchy and presenting it in near real time.

HP IT Executive Scorecard also now includes IT Financial Management enhancements to bring end-to-end performance management together with an IT financial toolset for budgeting, bill of IT and service-based costing.

Cloud management analytics

As part of the move to the hybrid cloud model, organizations face challenges in getting the needed level of transparency in order to evaluate and optimize their cloud usage and ROI. Executive Scorecard has recently added a component called Cloud Delivery Optimization which helps organizations to get that needed transparency while optimizing cloud technology utilization. This component integrates with Cloud service brokers like HP Cloud Service automation, leading private and public resource providers like Amazon and vCenter, and software management products in order to collect financial, business, usage and performance information. The resulting analytics can be presented either in new Executive Scorecard cloud dashboards or in the new cloud analytics mobile application.

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Key benefits

  • Single source for reporting IT business performance information
  • Out-of-the-box integration with IT Management solutions and more
  • Decision-making and performance data accessed in near real time
  • More time for results analysis and less time gathering and formatting data
  • IT financial management tools for service-based costing, bill-of IT and budget assistance
  • Cloud and hybrid service alignment demonstrates IT value

Everything you need for IT financial analysis

The HP IT Executive Scorecard also provides IT Financial Management (ITFM) capabilities through a holistic approach to understanding IT investments. The HP ITFM approach builds on years of best practice in business intelligence and managing financials which helps to automate and simplify the gathering and reporting of IT financial data. You can also take advantage of integration among Asset Manager, Project and Portfolio Management and other financial sources.

Key features

  • Get started quickly with out of the box integration with IT financial management tools
  • Save manual effort by using a best practices approach to data modeling, allocation and dashboard reporting
  • Combine IT spending costs to show a comprehensive bill of IT based on a services model
  • Benchmark data to provide apples-to-apples comparisons in major IT projects
  • Adaptable, understandable dashboards that provide IT finance perspectives combined with the business performance management capabilities of the HP IT Executive Scorecard

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