Related products

  • Application Information OptimizerProactively control and manage application and unstructured data while preserving its business value.
  • File ArchivingA policy-driven solution that archives data from Windows file servers to the HP Integrated Archive Platform
  • Integrated Archive PlatformA highly scalable, cost-effective content archiving solution for centrally retaining unstructured data
  • Medical Archive solutionA specialized archiving platform for retention, availability, access, privacy and protection of medical data
  • Records ManagerProactively and transparently capture, secure, manage and access business records according to policies

Related solutions

  • Archiving Solutions

    Archiving of unstructured and structured enterprise data for fast, accurate search and retrieval

  • Enterprise Records ManagementSimplified capture, management, security and access to your business information
  • e-DiscoveryArchiving of unstructured and structured data, including emails, files, databases and images
  • Information ArchivingArchiving of unstructured and structured enterprise data to meet regulatory and governance requirements