Better security energizes your business

It’s easy to take your business applications for granted. They tend to be ultra-dependable, always on, and available everywhere. So, keeping them safe is a priority for any business, right? Maybe. Some think they’ve got things under control. Others aren’t so sure, but may be short on money or know-how to ensure protection. That could be why a study of 30,000 websites found that 85 percent had vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to read, modify or transmit data.

But securing your IT environment isn’t just about protection. It actually energizes your business by allowing easy exchange of services and information among customers and employees. And it opens up new ways to do business—if you can secure them.

That’s what HP Application Security Services are for. These managed and consulting services assess your application security environment, correct flaws, and offer expert guidance for better design and operation – whether you’re building new applications or trying to protect existing ones.

We’ll help you meet your full requirements for the application lifecycle

By reducing and managing risks, HP Application Security Services clear the way for business growth. Just knowing that your information is safe builds confidence. Our consulting and managed application security services cover all the key stages of the application development lifecycle:

  • Requirements phase
  • Architecture and design phase
  • Development phase
  • Test phase
  • Production phase

Comprehensive Application Threat Analysis

We can help you build security into your applications from the start—when it’s least expensive to do so. Using this service during the requirements, architecture or design phase helps you avoid costly recoding, or redesigns that may be needed when vulnerabilities show up in later stages. This unique methodology has been proven internally and externally over several years, allowing us to find, fix, or avoid introducing many security defects before code release.

Web Application Scanning and Penetration Testing

During the development phase, we can scan your source code to identify problems and recommend ways to fix issues. During the test and production phases, we employ our own security experts as well as automated tools to scan your applications or third party applications for vulnerabilities.

You can augment our scanning service with Penetration Testing (also known as ethical hacking), where we have an HP expert (with your permission) try to break into your applications.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Security Services

Many businesses are using SOA to cut costs and increase the flexibility of application development by reusing SOA applications. While SOA has many benefits, it also requires special attention to its unique security requirements. We can do SOA application development for you, or train you on the security principles of SOA development.

Application Security Center of Excellence Service

We can help you set up a Center of Excellence around application security that cuts across functional lines to bring together Development, Quality Assurance, and Security leadership personnel. Together we work with you to brainstorm challenges, develop an architecture blueprint and rollout plan, provide application security mentoring and training, and drive piloting and implementation of appropriate tools.