HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) is a modular, comprehensive resource management platform. With its extensive device support, IMC provides true end-to-end management for the entire network, and entire operation cycle.

An optional IMC module, IMC Wireless Services Manager (WSM) Software provides unified management of wired and wireless networks, adding network management functions into existing wired network management systems. WSM Software offers wireless LAN (WLAN) device configuration, topology, performance monitoring, RF heat mapping, and WLAN service reports.

IMC WSM Software facilitates centralized control over your wireless network, even if it is geographically dispersed. This reduces the time needed to deploy configuration changes and provides uniformity throughout your WLAN infrastructure.        



WLAN device management: IMC Wireless Services Manager (WSM) software supports the HP MSM series of WLAN devices, including controllers, fit access points (APs), and fat APs. Cisco wireless infrastructure is supported.
WLAN device management: - access controller list. - access controller detail information. - fit/fat AP list. - fit/fat AP detail information.
Wireless status view: IMC WSM Software displays key information in one place; for controllers it maintains status on mobility activity, DHCP server, VPNs, ports, VLANs, IPSec, and RADIUS; for APs, the software provides details on usage at the client level down to the CPU load level and across neighbors and local meshes; provides north-south status views (high-level health down to detailed status of services such as your RADIUS running on controllers)
WLAN management: automatically displays WLAN SSIDs in your network, compares performance, and relates APs to the WLAN by SSID
Batch configuration wizard: the batch configuration wizard can help users configure the WLAN network step by step, including WLANs, AP groups, and radio parameters

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