HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) software is a modular comprehensive resource management platform. With its extensive device support, IMC software provides true end-to-end management for the entire network, as well as the entire operation cycle.

HP IMC Virtual Application Networking (VAN) Fabric Manager Software is an IMC module which simplifies the management of data center and Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks (SAN) fabrics. It provides a unified view of all of the network and storage devices in the data center fabric alongside fabric health to enable quick troubleshooting and pro-active management.

VAN Fabric Manager Software eliminates manual provisioning and allows you to easily configure Ethernet Virtual Interconnect (EVI), Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) or TRILL (Transparent Interconnect of Lots of Links) through the same graphical user interface used to automate, monitor and manage your entire network. You will gain a better understanding of workload mobility through VAN Fabric Manager Software since it reports critical information, such as the longest VM duration and allows you to visualize the migration of VM through the virtualized network.

With an optional add-on license, data center network management can be extended to physical and virtual FCSANs fabrics with FCoE management, simplifying the configuration of FCoE in the SAN and vSAN.        



Data center management: - Views of network devices, servers, storage devices and VMs in the data center. - Statistics about alerts and port utilization of network devices. - Eliminates manual provisioning of datacenter interconnect service parameters across the network fabric. - Visibility into VM migration including migration duration and migration of VM profiles..
LAN configuration management: EVI management: Administrator can add, delete, deploy, and dismantle an EVI service, and can audit public network connectivity for an EVI service.. - See the trends of VM migration for every EVI service. - Chart the numbers of MAC and VLAN in every EVI service. SPB management: Provides SPB topology. - Device status and displays interface list of SPB device. - SPB service management . - VLAN mapping in multiple spanning tree (MST) domain.
Trill management: - Provides graphical represetation of Trill topology. - Can individually or batch deploy Routing Bridate (Rbridge) parameter in a TRILL networks . - Device status and displays interface list of Trill-enabled device.
SAN management: - Simplify the network configuration for FCSANs and FCoE storage devices with full VSAN management. - Topology highlighting the FCoE and SAN structure between data centers. - DCB, DCBx and VSAN configuration and deployment. - VSAN/mapping between VSAN and VLAN/Zoneset/Zone. - Requires optional FCoE add-on license.
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