Tired of configuring each Virtual Connect module over and over? HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager centralizes connection management and workload mobility for HP Blade Servers that use Virtual Connect to access LANs, SANs and converged network infrastructures. It increases productivity and reduces operating costs by allowing data centers to respond faster to workload and configuration changes.

Built on the Virtual Connect architecture, it provides a central console to administer network address assignments, perform group-based configuration management, and rapidly deploy and move server connections for 250 Virtual Connect domains (up to 1,000 BladeSystem enclosures and 16,000 blade servers). Virtual Connect and Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager create a change-ready infrastructure allowing system administrators to add, replace and recover servers across the data center in minutes without impacting network configurations or availability.

What's new

  • HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager version 7.5.1 supports VC FW 4.45


Increases Productivity in Multiple Environments

HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager reduces unnecessary and disruptive production downtime by temporarily moving server workloads to alternate enclosures/bays during server maintenance. Responds faster to change, reducing time, cost and risk.

Renders quick movement of blade server profiles between enclosures, both within or between Virtual Connect Domain Groups.

Automates multiple module operations within the CLI and the API for tighter integration.

Whenever there is a critical event from a server, automates profile failover to a server in the spare pool with Systems Insight Manager (SIM) integration.

Catalyst for Agile Environment

The HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager handles add, modify and failover server connections and their workloads in minutes without impacting LANs and SANs.

Simplifies the migration of servers from test to production.

Limits management overhead, configuration errors, and operating costs.

Offers the Capability to Provide a Flexible Environment and Deploy the Resources Quickly

The HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager simplifies server deployment or movement with per enclosure licensing, avoiding the need to assign licenses to new servers.

Removes complexities, automates repetitive tasks, and avoids configuration errors.

Enables addition of new or bare metal enclosures and configures Virtual Connect domains quickly by assigning to a domain group.

Assigns a set of enclosures (Virtual Connect domain group) to a particular employee group or application category to maintain consistent configuration.

Reduces Management Costs by Simplifying Management

The HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager manages network connections and workload mobility for 250 Virtual Connect domains (designed to support up to 1,000 BladeSystem enclosures and 16,000 server blades when used with Virtual Connect multi?enclosure domain configurations).

Provides smooth deployment, movement, and failover of server connections and workloads across the data center.

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