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HP Intelligent rack series

Location, power, and thermal discovery services.

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Rethink your data center

HP POD 240a.

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HP Intelligent rack series

Rethink your data center

Highly flexible Rack and Power Infrastructure solutions

CIO's are challenged to do more with less - innovation and growth are being throttled. Facilities management and IT management are deadlocked on which priorities are most important - controlling operational expenses or ensuring the growth of IT needed for current and future success. Don't compromise.

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Infrastructure products

HP Automated Energy Optimization

The automated energy optimization capabilities in the new ProLiant family are enabled by HP 3D Sea of Sensor technologies. With embedded intelligence across three dimensions: sense of location, power utilization and thermal demand, clients gain a unique level of visibility and control over their data center energy efficiency.

  • HP Location Discovery Services enable energy-aware workload placement and automate asset management.
  • HP Thermal Discovery Services reduce energy usage and increase compute capacity.
  • HP Power Discovery Services eliminate power configuration errors and precisely track power usage by rack and server.

Rack and Power Infrastructure

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HP ProLiant Gen8: Automated energy optimization


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Rack and Power Infrastructure products & services

HP Rack and Power Infrastructure creates highly efficient and intelligent solutions for existing or new IT data centers. Infrastructure, Power, and Performance Optimized Data Centers (PODs) provide outstanding flexibility for a variety of technology deployments.

HP Rack and Power infrastructure solutions are the foundation you are looking for to help secure your long-term IT success. These products are designed to help you react to changes in the industry. They deliver efficient, easy-to-use capabilities to manage, monitor, deploy and provision infrastructure from entry to enterprise. As an industry leader, HP is uniquely positioned to address the key concerns of power, cooling, cable management and system access.

HP Rack infrastructure


The foundation that secures long-term IT success, these products help you react to changes in the industry through efficient, easy-to-use capabilities to manage, monitor, deploy and provision infrastructure.

HP Power protection and management

HP ProLiant server portfolio

Easy to use solutions for all power needs, including power protection, extended server runtime, distribution, management, and monitoring.

HP Modular Cooling System

HP ProLiant server portfolio

The HP Modular Cooling System is a portfolio of rack based, performance cooling systems that support industry standard rack mounted servers, storage and networking systems over a variety of workloads.

HP Performance Optimized Data Centers (PODs)

HP Pods

Breakthrough, modular data centers that scale capacity on demand, reduce capital expenditures and increase energy efficiency while expanding data center capacity.


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Spotlight on innovation

Rack and Power Infrastructure is the foundation and the hub of your business, and the rate of innovation in data center technologies is remarkable. Infrastructure is physically changing, and so is the technology that transforms the IT inside. See how HP is leading the change.

Intelligent infrastructure

HP Location and Power Discovery DCIM solutions

HP Net-Zero energy data center

The ground-breaking HP Net-Zero Energy Data Center concept from HP Labs give businesses the potential to operate data centers using local renewable resources.

HP Labs designs data center fueled by manure

HP recently presented new research from HP Labs, the company's central research arm, showing how the manure output of cows and the heatoutput of data centers can be combined to create an economically and environmentally sustainable operation.


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Look for an HP partner

HP has a comprehensive suite of partners specializing in a variety of services. If you need to find a particular type of HP partner, please use the links below:

Systems Integrators (SIs)

HP's relationship with leading system integrators and advisory firms deepens and broadens the HP solution portfolio and industry capabilities.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

HP expands the diversity of our offerings and the ability to deliver relevant client offerings through our strategic relationships with leading software vendors.

ProActive Insight Architecture Alliance

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ProActive Insight architecture is more than a design or even a transforming design philosophy. It's also the alignment of over 900 patents, over 150 customer-driven innovations and an alliance of the world's top hardware and software technology providers allied to transform the server experience.


Rail kit installation video

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