Application Self-Protection Made Easy

It’s time for a new kind of defense - HP Application Defender is application security simplified. It is a SaaS solution that protects production applications from the inside out. Contextual insight from within the application itself allows you to confidently identify and stop attacks that network security cannot see. Managed from the cloud, and pre-configured to provide instant visibility into the security of your applications, the solution enables you to start protecting against security vulnerabilities in production software in minutes without any changes to the code.

Key Benefits

  • Context from inside the application stops attacks unseen by network monitors
  • Runtime analysis of application logic and data flows
  • Accurately distinguish between an actual attack and a legitimate request
  • Actionable information with rich insight including the fully constructed query used and the line of code where the vulnerability exists
  • Interactive dashboards and configurable reports for risk prioritization and remediation
  • Install quickly and easily with a three-step deployment, get protection up and running in minutes
  • Efficiently manage, report and scale via the cloud

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