Hackers know your printers’ vulnerabilities. Do you?

11/04/20171 Minute Read

Although IT managers may overlook printers as a primary security risk, they can be a hidden target for cyberattacks and internal threats.

Follow these steps to get started.

1. Review your security policy.

The first step to improving your network’s print security is to review your existing security policy and make sure all of your current procedures — and stakeholders — are aligned. Based on this review, you can determine the size and scope of your security needs.

2. Make note of every connected device.

What’s crucial to keep in mind when reviewing your current policy is to ensure every device touching your network — from smart vending machines and connected coffee makers to printers and PCs — is known and configured for security. Otherwise, you risk compromising the entire system.

3. Assess your network vulnerabilities.

Prioritize your security strategies considering how printers are used in your business. Who in your organization prints confidential documents and customer data? Are you able to track who scans and faxes from multifunction printers (MFPs)? Are you able to set and maintain the security configuration of your printers? Do users print from mobile devices? Are sensitive print jobs left exposed at the printer?

4. Protect your devices, data and documents.

Print security goes beyond configuring the printer. Your plan needs to include addressing the data that travels to and from the printer, plus sensitive information in hard-copy documents. Monitoring and management tools can help you identify vulnerabilities and establish a united, policy-based approach to reducing risk and strengthening compliance.

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