Predicting tech trends: What’s in store for 2019 and beyond?

24/05/20194 Minute Read

Have you started start thinking about the year ahead? It may be a bit too early to break out that day planner just yet, but it’s certainly not too early to start thinking about what the biggest tech trends will be in 2019—and beyond.

What will you look back on a year from now with complete amazement? Will this new tech make your life better, or will it make you yearn for the days of Windows Vista? Let’s take a look.

Watch as AI and design take centre stage

Everyone knows one of the most obvious tech trends taking the world by storm: AI. Will 2019 be the year of Skynet? Perhaps not, but you will hear and see a lot more from this trend. If you wanted to hang your hat on one piece of technology that’ll become the future of innovation, AI would be a smart choice. Its broad applications can be applied across nearly every industry, pushing its potential for disruption through the roof.

As the upcoming year unfolds, look for product developers to shift the way they do things. Instead of creating from the perspective of users interacting with technology, they’ll need to account for technology that fully interacts with humans, too. Who knows, your next smartphone may even come with a neural network chip.

Keep up as cryptocurrencies gain traction

It’s not every day a new global currency crops up—certainly not one with the widespread appeal of bitcoin. And yet, as disruptive as these cryptocurrencies have been—and will no doubt continue to be in 2019—it’s the underlying blockchain technology that’s the real winner.

The ability to securely conduct transactions without associated risks of fraud and manipulation make this one of the must-watch tech trends of 2018. Be on the lookout for new areas of application, like data management, to start making their own noise in this sector. You may even see it used to end slavery. Yes, you read that right.

Meet at the intersection of convenience and privacy

In much the same way Christian Bale leveraged user data to survey Gotham in The Dark Knight, 2018 presents a similar moral dilemma for smart devices. Whether you side with Morgan Freeman or Mr. Bale, an important conversation is being had around user data and privacy. Your smartphone and other mobile devices can capture nearly every aspect of your daily life, from footsteps to travel patterns, but will Big Brother start peering at your every move?

Not likely, but you may see tech giants pushing increasingly personalised services as they continue to filter massive amounts of usage data. Considering the fact most people are suspicious at best when it comes to tracking data, 2019 could be very influential as customers and businesses attempt to reconcile privacy and convenience—especially after the recent controversy around the Facebook fallout.

Say goodbye to solitary VR

When it comes to augmented and virtual reality, the experience is about as social as spending a few days in solitary. After all, how can you expect to be social when you’ve got an electronic brick strapped over your eyes? At least, that was the case for most of 2018.

The next several months will likely serve as testing grounds for companies that see VR as the future of innovation. Facebook, for example, which released its VR app “Spaces” in 2017, has already opened the app up to new and more social spaces this year. Look out for market competitors to follow suit.

Make security a priority for your endpoints

Security has been a key factor with tech trends for some time now. This is mainly thanks to unscrupulous hackers looking to make a quick buck, which caused security innovation to become a topic of focus in 2018.

Specifically, we saw efforts from vendors looking to secure common endpoints within some of the tech trends mentioned here. Think printers that utilise embedded self-healing intelligence to scan connections, monitor firmware integrity, and detect intrusions. As IoT continues its unstoppable march, layering security into the endpoints themselves will become an increasingly critical priority.

That said, 2019 sure looks like it will continue to be an exciting year for tech innovation. With bright future ahead for AI, big data, VR, and endpoint security, try not to blink or you may just miss it.

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