Total Rewards

HP Group Insurance (Life Insurance/Medical Insurance/Critical Illness Insurance):

Your/Dependents insurance policy cannot be ported out after your Last Working Date in HP.

Equity Programs:

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

If you have opted for stock options: please note the following:

1. Unused contributions are refunded to you.
When you leave HP, your participation in the ESPP ends. HP will refund any accumulated contributions for the current offering period via payroll (Note: if your termination date is a Purchase Date, your contributions will be used to purchase shares and will not be refunded.)

2. Your shares in BNYM account.
All previously purchased HP Shares held at BNY Mellon will be sold at the current market price.
If the China employees transfer to a country where the ESPP is offered, participation will automatically continue in the new location.

Contact Points: BNY Mellon Shareowner Services (BNYM) from 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. New York time, Monday through Friday.

BNYM Website:
U.S. 1-888-892-4853
Non-U.S. 1--201-296-4789; 1-201-680-6941
Non-U.S. E-mail

Equity Award Programs

The stock options could be exercised before the timelines mentioned in the table below.

Termination ReasonHP Plans (including awards granted from EDS Plans on or after 26 August 2008)Pre-merger EDS Plans (awards granted from EDS Plans prior to 26 August 2008)
Vesting AccelerationPost-Termination Exercise PeriodVesting AccelerationPost-Termination Exercise Period
Voluntary/Involuntary TerminationNoNoneNo90 days
Workforce Reduction(WFR)*No3 monthsNo90 days
DeathYes1 yearYes2 years
Retirement/Long-term DisabilityYes3 yearsYes2 years

*Under the award agreement, all stock options expire on your last day of work. However, HP may use its discretion to provide a post-termination exercise period as described above. WFR programs may differ depending on the jurisdiction where you are located. Review your WFR package for details.

Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) could be exercised before the timelines mentioned in the table below:

Termination ReasonHP Plans
Voluntary/Involuntary TerminationAll RSUs are forfeited.
Workforce Reduction(WFR)Under the award agreement, all RSUs are forfeited. However, HP may use its discretion to provide pro-rated vesting of RSUs subject to such other requirements as HP may determine. Review your WFR package for details.
DeathVesting of RSUs is pro-rated based on whole months since grant date divided by the restricted period in months(time between grant date and vesting date)
Retirement/Long-term Disability
  • RSUs granted on or after 01 November 2011 will fully vest at retirement or termination due to long-term disability.
  • If granted prior to 01 November 2011, RSUs continue to vest.

Contact Points: The effect of your termination of employment is detailed in your award agreement. If you cannot access your award agreement or have questions regarding the last day to exercise your stock options you should contact Merrill Lynch at (888) 4HP-STOCK (447-7862) for U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico or +1-609-818-8913 for International Calls before your last day of employment. You can also contact HP's Global Equity Administration at for more information.

Social Benefits and Housing Fund:

Please contact with Fesco


Recognition points do not expire. Please redeem your points by logging into the Recognition website. Recognition website:

If you have further questions on points redemption, please contact