HP Imaging and Printing Security Center

Fleet-level, policy-based security—an industry first1

Solution at a glance

Security can be complex and time-consuming to understand and implement correctly. Now, you can reduce the time needed to secure your HP imaging and printing devices, while improving compliance, with HP Imaging and Printing Security Center (IPSC). Award-winning HP IPSC is the industry's first1 policy-based imaging and printing compliance solution that enables effective fleet security monitoring and management, and saves time, letting IT staff focus on other priorities.

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An industry first in security management1

Your company is continuously creating confidential, valuable data that is crucial to running your business. But is your imaging and printing environment protected? The security exposure and associated costs can be high, whether it is unattended documents on a printer, sensitive data processing from the computer to the device, or confidential information on device hard drives. The first of its kind, HP Imaging and Printing Security Center can help address these concerns by making it easy to:

  • Apply an effective, policy-based approach to securing HP imaging and printing devices.
  • Streamline the process to securely deploy and monitor devices by applying a single policy across your fleet.
  • Get a reliable, scalable solution designed specifically for your HP imaging and printing fleet.

A simple, intuitive process for securing your fleet

Step 1: Review policy. Step 2: Add devices. Step 3: Assess devices. Step 4: Remediate devices. Step 4: Review results.

With HP IPSC, many routine steps can be automated, freeing up your IT staff so they can focus elsewhere.

Proactive compliance and reduced risk

HP IPSC can help improve the security of your HP imaging and printing fleet before you experience the stress of a data security breach.

  • Address and maintain imaging and printing device compliance with automated monitoring.
  • Respond to evolving compliance needs and standards by using the policy editor with a rules engine.
  • Monitor and reduce risk with risk-based fleet reporting.

Easy deployment, management, and maintenance

Protect your current HP imaging and printing investments, and the information that keeps your company running with this reliable, scalable solution.

  • Increase the security of your HP devices as soon as they are added to the network with HP Instant-on Security.2
  • Use the built-in HP IPSC Base Policy3 to help ensure your fleet is properly secured.
  • Maximize the use of your existing investments with a solution that supports a broad range of HP networked devices.

Protect your workflow with fleet management of unique certificates

HP IPSC efficiently implements and updates both ID and CA certificates—helping increase the security of your infrastructure, applications, and device communications.

  • Install unique identity certificates across your fleet of HP devices with less administrative overhead than manually installing certificates on one device.2
  • Easily integrate certificates into your existing HP IPSC policy and standard assessments and remediations.
  • Use automatic assessment and remediation to detect and renew certificates before they expire, and replace revoked certificates with no human intervention.

Safeguard your fleet of HP devices with the solution that Buyers Laboratory LLC calls trailblazing4

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HP Imaging and Printing Security Center

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To learn more about making HP Imaging and Printing Security Center an integral part of your company’s overall IT security strategy, or to obtain a free trial, contact your HP representative or an HP Document Solutions Specialist.

  1. Based on an HP assessment of printer manufacturer security offerings in market as of November 1, 2011.
  2. Available on select product models and firmware versions. See product documentation or see http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c03601723/c03601723.pdf (PDF 127KB) for details.
  3. This tool is provided for general comparison only. The information contained is based on manufacturer’s published and internal specifications, and proprietary data and algorithms. The information is not guaranteed accurate by Hewlett-Packard Company. Users can customize the security policies used in the analysis, which will affect the results. Actual results may vary.
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