The business value of printer security

December 30, 20161 Minute Read

According to “The Business Value of Printer Security,” a report by IDC, 80 percent of companies said that IT security is important to their business processes, but only 59 percent of these companies said that printer security is important. These findings show a lack of attention to security that may leave businesses vulnerable—when substantial IT and business benefits can be gained from a secure print environment.

This report from IDC research includes:

  • An examination of how companies prioritize IT and security
  • A look at the top vulnerabilities businesses face when they fail to secure properly
  • The types of enterprises embracing print/document security
  • The key benefits of security programs
  • The pillars of a strong security program

IDC’s research found that more than half of companies surveyed have experienced an IT security breach that included printer security within the past 12 months. Organizations’ print/document environments are full of vulnerabilities, which can come from malicious attacks from inside or outside the organization, as well as careless usage of printing devices and output.

Organizations that have initiated a security program revealed they have achieved the most significant benefits and business value in three areas: improved printer security, IT staff efficiencies, and cost reductions. How security solutions are implemented determines not only their effectiveness but also how much employee productivity is impacted. There are key technology, people, and process requirements to consider in order to ensure maximum benefits.

To learn more about what your organization can do to unlock the business value of comprehensive IT security, read the white paper, “The Business Value of Printer Security.”

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