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Tektonika Staff September 12, 2018 3 Minute Read

AI-powered business tools will transform the workplace

An AI that manages your calendar sounds like science fiction, but it's already a reality—and it's just one of many business tools changing the workplace.

Jasmine W. Gordon June 18, 2018 5 Minute Read

Improve IT management skills for the ultimate customer experience

Check out five tips to ensure your team's IT management skills and initiatives contribute to an excellent customer experience.

Stephanie Vozza March 12, 2018 4 Minute Read

How to get CFOs invested in your IT budgeting plans

Getting a CFO to buy into any budget request can be challenging. Build your case with these tips when it's time to pitch your IT budgeting plan to the CFO.

Danny Bradbury February 12, 2018 4 Minute Read

Digital transformation can revolutionize the developing world

Across the world, clean tech is helping even the most rural users in emerging markets tackle business management. It's a game changer—here's how.

Stephanie Vozza January 1, 2018 4 Minute Read

Team up with the right tools for a digital transformation

Digital transformation is revamping teamwork, but it's only as good as the digital tools you choose. Improve team collaboration in the office today.

Trevor Pott December 29, 2017 4 Minute Read

Fostering the relationship between future gens and STEM programs

STEM programs are critical to the employability of younger generations. How can we encourage them to invest time and energy in STEM now?

Danny Bradbury December 27, 2017 4 Minute Read

Managing office etiquette in a controversial world

Office etiquette can become the first casualty as controversial topics sprout up in workplace discussions. What can business owners do to maintain it?