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Daniel Conway September 28, 2018 3 Minute Read

Witness the surprising power of workplace gamification

Believe it or not, video games increase workplace productivity. These workplace gamification techniques are changing the dynamics of offices worldwide.

Marjo Johne September 19, 2018 4 Minute Read

Going to SecTor 2018? Put these 5 sessions on your calendar

SecTor 2018 is an IT security conference coming to Toronto this fall. Don't miss these sessions covering everything from endpoint security to the cloud.

Lydia Dishman August 24, 2018 4 Minute Read

The 8 essential IT books all young techies should read

These eight essential IT books will help you gain knowledge of the industry and develop your career in the field. Check them out here.

Marjo Johne August 1, 2018 3 Minute Read

3 Toronto tech conferences you should attend this fall

This fall's slate of tech conferences brings fresh ideas that can help IT managers bolster their security and innovate for their companies.

Danny Bradbury July 20, 2018 3 Minute Read

You’re hired: Tech industries value millennials

When you're considering tech industries for your next career move, think about digital transformation. For millennials, tech and finance are getting big.

Tektonika Staff June 22, 2018 4 Minute Read

Test your IT department sustainability this summer

Summer is the perfect time to test your IT department sustainability. Perform this simple sustainability audit to see where you can make green investments.

Tektonika Staff June 15, 2018 5 Minute Read

Catch the wave of new IT security career paths

Today's rapid advancement of technology is opening the door to exciting and new security career paths. Discover how IT security pros can catch this wave.