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Tektonika Staff October 15, 2019 4 Minute Read

Transform your office IT into a mobile force

For office IT decision-makers, choosing mobile integration can improve collaboration, productivity and task management.

Tektonika Staff August 27, 2018 5 Minute Read

5 mobile threats to neutralize in 2018

Employees who can work on their mobile devices are happy employees. Take your IT security strategy on the road with these 5 tips for taming mobile threats.

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You’re hired: Tech industries value millennials

When you're considering tech industries for your next career move, think about digital transformation. For millennials, tech and finance are getting big.

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Shatter the wheel to escape the trap of break-fix

In the IT department, it can often feel like you're trapped in the IT break-fix cycle, but it's possible to escape with proactive IT. Here's how.

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Travel security risks don’t take a break for vacations

Travel security risks can become a big concern when employees go on vacation. Here's how you can safeguard your company from cyber attacks.

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5 tips for keeping your mobile app relevant

The sheer number of mobile games available has all but oversaturated the market. Avoid becoming a victim of mobile app fatigue with five simple steps.

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Could encryption breakers threaten your mobile security?

Recent news about government-approved encryption breakers has many IT pros wondering about their mobile security. Learn how you can stay secure here.