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Siit saate teada, kuidas HP kujundab tindikassette, pidades silmas keskkonda ja kuidas saate olla osa sellest suurepärasest loost.

1. Buyers Laboratory Inc. July 2017 study commissioned by HP compared Original HP ink cartridges (121XL, 122XL, 178XL, 300, 300XL, 301XL, 364, 364XL, 650, 950XL, 970XL, 971XL) with 21 brands of non-HP refilled and remanufactured ink cartridges sold in EMEA markets. Details: https://keypointintelligence.com/media/1609/hp-emea-refill-study_rep.pdf (pdf-download PDF).

2. 2019 SpencerLab Colour Reliability study, commissioned by HP, compared Original HP color LaserJet cartridges with six brands of non-HP cartridges sold in Europe, Middle East, and Africa for the HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color Printer M451; CE410A/X, CE411A/12A/13A cartridges. For details, see www.spencerlab.com/reports/HP-CLR-Reliability-EMEA-2019.pdf (pdf-download PDF). The 2019 SpencerLab Monochrome Reliability study, commissioned by HP, compared Original HP cartridges with 12 brands of non-HP cartridges for the HP Pro M402 and Pro 521 printers; HP 26A and 55A cartridges. See www.spencerlab.com/reports/HPReliability-EMEA-2019.pdf (pdf-download PDF).

3. Programme availability varies. See hp.com/go/recycle hp.com/go/recycle. Retail recycling drop-off only available in 7 countries for the EMEA region.

4. An HP printing system consists of HP printer, paper and Original HP supply. Blue Angel DE-UZ 205 emissions criteria or earlier versions of criteria applicable when printing system launched.

5. HP office-class printing systems include Enterprise-class devices with FutureSmart firmware 4.5 or above, Pro-class devices, and their respective Original HP toner, PageWide, and ink cartridges. Does not include HP integrated printhead ink cartridges. See: https://h20195.www2.hp.com/v2/GetDocument.aspx?docname=4AA6-8436EEW and hp.com/go/SuppliesSecurityClaims.