A synthesis of GPU Technology and Expertise

The HP NVIDIA GPU Technical Centre of Excellence welcomes you to our synthesis of experts, best-in-class tools, and services created to help you reap the benefits of powerful GPU computing. The center, located in Grenoble, France at the HP EMEA High Performance Computing Competency Center, fuses technologies and services indispensable to the millions of GPU users worldwide. Together with our partners, we provide you with the building blocks you need to accelerate your GPU technology.

Our value to you

We offer you combined leadership in GPU solutions to provide you a one-stop shop for all your GPU needs. Access services on site or remotely to

  • Conduct proofs of concept (PoCs), benchmarking, and GPU migrations
  • Use best-in-class tools to facilitate fast integration of GPU and HP systems
  • Attend training courses and other educational events on the latest GPU innovations
  • Speak with experts to learn more about the technical make-up of our solutions

Our technology platforms

Pioneered only five years ago, but now an industry standard, GPU computing is used by millions worldwide. Our GPU-enabled systems are comprised of three internal networks – administration, iLO server management, and high-speed interconnect (InfiniBand FDR) – to offer you the best of the best when it comes to GPU computing. These systems can be accessed by end users, either from the HP network (locally in Grenoble or from HP subsidiaries) or remotely via the Internet using an ad-hoc security policy.

Technology Platforms