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In today's fast paced world, time is more precious than it was ever before. We have to meet tight deadlines, multi-task and deal with rising expectations. This trend is prevalent in almost all walks of life. Naturally, we pick and choose what tasks to process and prioritize them.

For instance, communiquès that involve training or ones that require concentrated attention often go unnoticed or get a cursory go-through because of the text heavy nature of such communication. There is a definite need and requirement for 'immersive learning' facilitating well grounded conceptual understanding for both Educational institutions and Enterprises.

HP has launched a revolutionary new solution exclusively in India ¬ HP VideoBook

HP VideoBook is based on an intelligent HP Labs © algorithm that leverages the vast online library of videos and makes them available in the context of the document. Contextual videos are sourced from single or multiple repositories on the organization's Intranet or from the Internet. These are then displayed alongside text, turning plain text documents into rich media documents. This provides an enhanced, immersive learning experience by augmenting plain text with relevant videos.

Since 70% of the human brain is dedicated to visual processing, HP VideoBook is the perfect learning method catering to the way the brain naturally works.

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