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Consumer / Small & Medium Business

As part of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) under the E-waste Management Rules 2016*, producers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) are required to establish collection and/or take back mechanism for their in-scope end-of-life IT products; and channelize the same to authorized dismantler or recycler for sound management. The rules also place responsibilities on consumers to ensure that e-waste generated by them is channelized to authorized dismantler or recycler, either directly or through the producer designated collection and/or take back mechanism.

HP has appointed services of Karo Sambhav Private Limited, a government approved Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) who collects and channelizes e-waste on behalf of its members. Please visit PRO's website at www.karosambhav.com for more information.

Our Consumer and Small and Medium Business (SMB) customers can drop-off their electronic equipment at the nearest E-waste Collection Centre operated by Karo Sambhav. For the full list of Collection Centres, visit https://karosambhav.com/collection-points

Karo Sambhav Help Desk:
Email: engage@karosambhav.com.
Phone: 1800-2121-434 (Toll Free)

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