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Apply Storage Resource Management from HP

Managing storage can be a tall order. You are dealing with high-order complexity, compounded by a wide collection of vendors, many competing client needs, and a parade of point tools. Your storage utilization is falling, and at the same time your storage needs are increasing. The problems are enough to give any manager a major migraine.

But with HP's Storage Essentials software you can eliminate those headaches. HP Storage Essentials is a complete solution for Storage Resource Management, a solution that gives you a comprehensive, big-picture view of your entire storage dominion from a "single pane of glass."

With the click of a mouse you can optimize and increase storage utilization, improve performance, automate operations, and cut costs. Inventory is simpler. Troubleshooting is speedier. Reports are more comprehensive. And you can provision heterogeneous storage and infrastructure with a single tool.

Discover the details of HP Storage Essentials in a 16-page, full-line brochure.

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Learn how to understand, monitor, control, plan, and manage your heterogeneous multivendor storage infrastructure.