HP Storage Essentials - Comprehensive cloud command

No more headaches

No more headaches

Thanks to comprehensive cloud command

Controlling storage in the cloud

No kidding, the cloud is big. It offers vast, almost unlimited storage. But without management, cloud-based storage can turn into just another unharnessed resource to worry about, leading to questions like "Where's my data today?" HP Storage Essentials can bring the cloud under control and put you in command. See these valuable resources to learn more about the problems of managing data in the cloud, and how to solve them.


View the possibilities with HP Storage Management

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White paper
"What the cloud means for
storage growth (and cost)."

Understand the problems—exploding amounts
of storage, poor utilization, higher costs—and
how they can be solved with cloud computing
and effective Storage Resource Management.

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White paper
"6 Ways to Improve Storage Management with HP."

Learn about the improved reporting, reduced
complexity, and other benefits that resulted
from applying HP Storage Essentials software
to complex, heterogeneous environments, as
reported by actual users in the field.