HP Storage Essentials - Virtualization without vexation

No more headaches

No more headaches

Thanks to virtualization without vexation

Managing multivendor virtual and heterogeneous storage

Congratulations—you've figured out that virtualization can boost the return on your investment in all that storage hardware. But as you spin up more virtualization clients and connect to bigger virtualized pools of storage, you can lose track of your data, and fritter away in management overhead what you've gained in disk efficiency. Have a look at these documents and you will start to appreciate the advantages of HP Storage Essentials software in pulling together all that physical and virtualized storage and putting it back under your thumb


View the possibilities with HP Storage Management

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White paper
"Effectively managing storage virtualization with HP Storage Essentials."

See how HP storage management software
can tame your virtualized environment.


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Data sheet
"Path aware performance management for multivendor arrays."

Use HP Storage Essentials Performance
Edition to isolate bottlenecks and deliver on
SLAs for virtual machines and storage, SANs,
multivendor storage arrays, and more.

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White paper
"Three Use Cases for Storage Resource Management."

How to apply HP Storage Essentials and HP busi-
ness software to automate storage tasks; monitor
physical and virtual SAN resources; and keep track
of changes.



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Business white paper
"Managing storage in the virtual data center."

How you can include VMware in the
management, analytics, and automation
capabilities of HP Storage Essentials.

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Case study
"Better storage management at Scottish and Southern Energy."

How implementing HP Storage Essentials
software at one of the United Kingdom's largest
energy companies saved 75 hours during a
data center move.