HPs Health Center of Excellence

Before Your Visit
Health Care Institutions, Customers and Clients
Contact your local HP team indicating your interest in scheduling a visit, or
contact us directly at mail@hcoe.no,
we will alert your local HP team who will take responsibility for coordinating your visit and arrange for dates to suit everyone.

In order to make your visit rewarding and informative, you will be requested to fill out a visitor information form before your visit. This will ensure that we plan for an adequate number and that you are met with appropriate expertise.

Please contact your local HP office for assistance and information.

HP Employees
Please visit the internal HP webpages under Health and Life Sciences / HCoE for more information.

Your host at the HCoE is Arve-Olav Solumsmo.
Contact him at mail@hcoe.no
or mobile phone +47 928 30 700
if you have any questions!
Ahus is one of nearly 30 hospitals in Norway’s south-east health region. It has the busiest emergency department in Norway.