HPs Health Center of Excellence

HP’s Health Center of Excellence
HP is proud to present its new Health Center of Excellence (HCoE) in Oslo, Norway. The HCoE is both a competence center and a showroom for healthcare, logistics and work flow products. The center also demonstrates a selection of the project competency, experience and resources available within the area of healthcare. See an interactive plan of the HCoe showroom
The HCoE is located at Akershus University Hospital (Ahus). This means you have the opportunity to see how one modern hospital has built and now utilizes a comprehensive Digital Hospital installation, in addition to the ideas and discussions you may gain from the Health Center of Excellence itself.

We believe you will be impressed with our ideas and examples of delivering state of the art technology to secure meaningful information anytime, anywhere within a hospital environment, and thus improve patient care. But we are keen to learn more – bring your problems and see if we can find new insights together!
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