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Företag och organisationer förbättrar resultatet med ny appliance-portfölj från HP och Microsoft

Nya lösningar för business intelligence, datalagring, messaging och databaskonsolidering hjälper till att öka produktiviteten samt minska komplexiteten i IT-miljön.

STOCKHOLM, 19 januari 2011–HP och Microsoft presenterar idag fyra nya applikations-appliancessom knyter samman applikationer, infrastruktur ochproduktivitetsverktyg till ett integrerat system. Dessa lösningarhjälper företag och organisationer att optimera de anställdasproduktivitet och ge möjlighet till att fatta rätt och välgrundadebeslut.(1) HP Business Decision Appliance finns nu tillgänglig medmöjlighet för att köra business intelligence-tjänster och HP E5000 Messaging System for Microsoft ExchangeServer planeras att finnas tillgänglig i mars för att köramessaging-tjänster. Ytterligare två appliances förväntas lanserassenare i år.

– Samarbetet med Microsoft innebär att vi nu tillsammans lanserarså kallade appliances, vilket innebär hårdvara och mjukvara i ettpaket – integrerat, testat och optimerat för sin uppgift. Dessahelhetslösningar ger kunden möjlighet att komma igång på avsevärtkortare tid än när man konfigurerar hela lösningen själv. Enavlösningarna, HP E5000 Messaging System, ser jag som specielltintressant. Den ger företag och organisationer möjlighet att kommaigång med ett skalbart och redundant Exchange system som möjliggörbilliga och stora mailboxar på bara några timmar. Standard för enenskild mailbox ligger i storleksordningen 1 till 2,5 GB, vilketborde uppskattas av de flesta användarna, säger Magnus Wetterberg,Produktchef HP ProLiant Server.

Until now there have been two ways to deploy criticalbusiness applications: highly customized deployments that take toolong, or proprietary stacks of applications and infrastructure thatare inherently rigid and slow to change. The result is only 32percent of IT projects that deliver critical business applicationsare rated as “successful” by the organizations implementingthem.(2)

Delivering on the companies’ extended partnership announced ayear ago, the new converged application appliances from HP andMicrosoft are the industry’s first systems designed for IT as wellas end users. They deliver application services such as businessintelligence, data warehousing, online transaction processing andmessaging. The jointly engineered appliances, and relatedconsulting and support services, enable IT to deliver criticalbusiness applications in as little as one hour, compared withpotentially months needed for traditional systems.(3) One of thesolutions already offered by HP and Microsoft – the HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance – delivers up to 200times faster queries and 10 times the scalability of traditionalSQL Server deployments.(4)

“Customers are looking to significantly reduce implementation anddecision times,” said Mark Potter, senior vice president andgeneral manager, Industry Standard Servers and Software, HP. “Withour converged application appliances, HP and Microsoft enablecustomers to shorten the time required to deliver information,which helps to reduce risk and cost.”
“Microsoft and HP are helping IT professionals fight their biggestfoes – time and complexity,” said Ted Kummert, senior vicepresident, Business Platform Division, Server and Tools Business,Microsoft Corp. “With these appliances, we’re helping to putcritical business information in our customers’ hands when theyneed it.”

Expanding the reachof business intelligence
With the HP Business Decision Appliance, HP and Microsoft have greatlyreduced the time and effort it takes for IT to configure, deployand manage a comprehensive business intelligence solution, comparedwith a traditional business intelligence solution whereapplications, infrastructure and productivity tools are notpre-integrated. This appliance is optimized for Microsoft SQLServer and Microsoft SharePoint and can be installed andconfiguredby IT in less than one hour.

The solution enablesendusers to share data analyses built with Microsoft’saward-winning(5) PowerPivot add-in for Microsoft Excel andcollaborate with others in SharePoint 2010. It allows IT tocentrally audit, monitor and manage solutions created by end usersfrom a single dashboard.

Red Wing Shoe Company, aworldwide manufacturer and retailer of premium work shoes andboots, was an early adopter of the HP Business Decision Appliancethrough GNet, an HP/Microsoft Frontline channel partner.

“We were intrigued by the idea that we could implement a turnkeysolution that was fully integrated into our environment withminimal effort,” said Mike Cleary, director, IT Architecture andOperations, Red Wing Shoe Company. “Previously, to install all therequired software and configure the components would have taken usseveral days. Now, not only our business analysts but the broaderuser community can use a familiar tool, Microsoft Excel, to createand analyze data in new and unique ways.”

Scalable from midsized organizations to large enterpriseenvironments, converged application appliances also offerHP/Microsoft Frontline channel partners like GNet significant salesopportunities. Because the appliances are open, based onindustry-standards and can be integrated into heterogeneous datacenters, they are ideal offerings for channel partners.

The HP Business Data Warehouse Appliance is a data store designedfor small and midsize businesses that delivers enterprise-classfunctionality with increased simplicity and administrator-freeoperation. This appliance complements the HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance, which is designed forlarge organizations, optimized for SQL Server 2008 R2 and wasintroduced in November. The HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance improvesdata access with massive scalability and faster queries thantraditional SQL Server databases. Through interoperability with theMicrosoftBusinessIntelligenceplatform, customers can deliver managedbusiness intelligence solutions to everyone in anorganization.

Enterprise-classmessaging in hours
The new HP E5000 Messaging System for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 isthe industry’s first self-contained, pre-configured platform forMicrosoft Exchange Server 2010 that delivers enterprise-classmessaging to businesses of all sizes. This messaging system, whichcan be deployed in as little as a few hours, delivers largemailboxes at a low cost, centralized archiving and 24/7 access fromany device, and it can scale as business needs grow.

Customers benefit from built-in features such as the HP QuickDeployment tool, which validates configuration and active directorypermissions to enable faster implementation. In addition,compatibility between management tools such as HP Systems Insight Manager and Microsoft System CenterOperations Manager, as well as support, help reduce the amount oftime required to implement the solution.

To help ensure uninterrupted service, the appliance featuresdesigned-in best practices with fully redundant hardware andDatabase Availability Groups, a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010feature that continuously replicates data.

Delivering on thepromise of private clouds
In addition to workload-specific appliances, HP andMicrosoft plan to deliver the HP Database Consolidation Appliance.This appliance consolidates hundreds of databases into a single,virtual environment, providing customers with a private clouddatabase solution that offers self-service, on-demand scalabilityand dynamic elasticity with the additional control offered throughan on-premises deployment.

Optimized for SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud, theappliance will be delivered as complete, pre-installed, pre-tunedhardware with rapid deployment and enhanced manageability. Similarcapabilities of the appliance will be offered as a referencearchitecture to customers who have advanced IT skills and prefertobuild their own appliance with best practice guidance from HP andMicrosoft.

Accelerating business service delivery
HP and Microsoft will offer support and consultingservices for the converged application appliances to help customersaccelerate business service delivery. The services portfoliosinclude assessment, design, proof of concept and implementation, aswell as ongoing support. The services use HP and Microsoft’sexpertise in delivering comprehensive, simplified solutions fordata management, business intelligence, data warehouse andmessaging.

Availability andpricing(6)
• The HP Business Decision Appliance with three years of HP 24/7hardware and software support services is available today from HPand HP/Microsoft Frontline channel partners for less than $28,000(ERP). Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010are licensed separately.

• The HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance with services for siteassessment, installation and start-up, as well as three years of HP24/7 hardware and software support services, is available todayfrom HP and HP/Microsoft Frontline channel partners starting atless than €1.5 million. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel DataWarehouse is licensed separately.

• The HP E5000 Messaging System with three years of HP 24/7 hardwareand software support services is expected to be available in Marchfrom HP and HP/Microsoft Frontline channel partners starting at$36,000. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is licensed separately.

• The HP Business Data Warehouse Appliance is expected to beavailable in June, and the HP Database Consolidation Appliance isplanned to be available in the second half of this year.

More information about theHP and Microsoft agreement is available at or

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is theworldwide leader in software, services and solutions that helppeople and businesses realize their full potential.

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(1) Based on HP research,this is the first appliances portfolio to optimize employeeproductivity and reduce IT complexity.
(2) CHAOS Summary 2009, Jim Johnson, Standish Group, April2009.
(3) Based on HP’s experience with customers using HP BusinessDecision Appliance.
(4) SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) has been evaluated by16 early adopter customers in six different industries. Customerscompared PDW with their existing environments and saw typically 40xand up to 200x improvement in query times.
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(6) Estimated U.S. retail prices. Actual prices may vary.

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