HP Advances Scalable Cloud Computing with Integration of 3PAR Utility Storage

New storage offerings optimize cloud service delivery and simplify data management

HP Advances Scalable CloudComputing with Integration of 3PAR UtilityStorage

New storage offeringsoptimize cloud service delivery and simplify datamanagement

ASIA-PACIFIC,March 2, 2011 – HP today announced the integration of 3PAR UtilityStorage across the HP ConvergedInfrastructure portfolio to simplify scalable cloud computing,and introduced new storage solutions for virtualization and datadeduplication.

This integration enables clients tooptimize cloud delivery with features like automated storagetiering to improve performance, and thin storage offerings toeliminate over-provisioning.

Thecombination also helps clients seeking to consolidate storagehardware and respond to explosive data growth to address both ofthese challenges with converged block-and-file storage on a singlestorage array. HP also has simplified data management withsolutions built on converged storage, server and networkingplatforms to provide clients with unified management and a lowertotal cost of ownership.

"Ourclients tell us their journey to the cloud will be one of the mostcritical transitions for them this decade," said Mike Prieto, vicepresident and general manager, StorageWorks, HP Asia Pacific andJapan. "HP 3PAR Utility Storage meets their demand for a newstorage architecture specifically designed for IT as a Service. Theintegration of 3PAR with Converged Infrastructure is ahead ofschedule and HP is poised to take clients to levels of agility andefficiency they’ve never experienced before."

Delivering utility-based storage resources for thecloud
Growing adoption of both public and private cloudshas forced IT organizations and service providers to rethink theirinfrastructure design. Achieving the agility and performancedemanded by cloud services requires the seamless integration ofcomputing, storage and networking, as well as centralizedmanagement.

Toautomate and simplify the provisioning of multitenant storage forthe cloud, HP 3PAR Utility Storage can now be fully managed as partof HP CloudSystem, the most complete, integrated system to build anddeliver services across private, public and hybrid cloudenvironments. The combination of 3PAR with HP CloudSystem enablesclients to reduce cloud application deployment time from days tominutes,(1) improve operational efficiency of storagemanagement tenfold and cut storage costs by up to 50percent.(2)

Toprovide clients a secure, multitenant block-and-file storagesolution for both structured and unstructured data in the cloud, HPhas qualified the HP X9300 Network StorageGateway,built on IBRIX technology, for use with HP 3PAR StorageSystems.Combining the thin-storage capabilities of 3PAR Utility Storagewith the tiering and data-migration capabilities of the X9300Network Storage System can reduce capacity requirements by 50percent.(3)

Converging storage, servers and networking for HPBladeSystem
To maximize companies’ return on investment invirtual servers and desktop PCs, HP has introduced the HP P4800 G2 SAN. Built inside an HP BladeSystem c7000enclosure, the P4800 eliminates the need for external storagenetworking, which reduces networking costs by up to 65percent.(4) The use of common management across server,storage and networking results in a 40 percent increase inproductivity.(5) The new HP P4800 G2 SAN runs SAN/IQ 9.0 software with enhanced support for VMware vStorageAPI for Array Integration (VAAI).This accelerates VMware functions such ascloning by up to 95 percent while cutting the load on VMware ESXservers by 94 percent, allowing clients to increase the density ofvirtual machines per storage unit by sixtimes.(6)

"TheHP P4800 SAN delivers the operational efficiencies, scalability andperformance demanded by Insights’ virtualization project," saidGareth Exell, head of IT Strategy at Insight Investment, an assetmanagement company. "The integration of BladeSystem, VMware and HPstorage provided a production-ready foundation with the reliabilityand disaster recovery features we required."

Improving the efficiency of dataprotection
The rapid growth of digital data is driving the needfor businesses to more efficiently manage information. Featuring StoreOnce deduplication technology developed in HP Labs, the company’s central research facility,theHP D2D4324 BackupSystemenablesclients to back up as much as 1.4 petabytes of data with only 96terabytes of raw disk capacity – reducing to the cost of storagefor disk-based backup by 95percent.(7)

Converging infrastructure and applications to speeddeployment
Massive message volume, larger attachments andmultimedia files impact an IT organization’s ability to providemessaging services to end-users. HP announced the immediateavailability of theHPE5000 Messaging Systemfor Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010, which integratesservers, storage, operating system software and Exchange 2010configuration wizards into a single, converged solution. Thisenables IT to speed deployment by 75 percent and support users withlarger mailboxes at a lower cost peruser.(8)

Pricing and availability(9)
The HP P4800 G2 SAN starts at $148,000 and isavailable immediately. The HP D2D4324 Backup System starts at$149,999 and is available immediately. The new E5000 series isavailable immediately. The E5300 with 500 mailboxes starts at$39,550. The E5500 with 1,000 mailboxes starts at $45,600 and theE5700 with 3,000 mailboxes starts at $73,850.

About HP
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