Printing complements health care’s move toward digital transformation

11/04/20172 Minute Read

The health care industry in Asia has been undergoing a transformation phase over the past few years. As the region’s middle-income group continues to grow, so does expectations for higher quality of patient care, as well as the competition within the health care tourism industry. These are forcing health care organizations to implement time- and cost-efficient ways of working, with many turning toward digital transformation (DX) to improve patient experience and stay competitive. In fact, 69% of respondents in IDC’s Asia/Pacific C-Suite Barometer Research 2016 expect DX to not only sharpen their competitive edge, but also help them become industry leaders in this hyper-digital era.

IDC noted that in recent years, Asia’s Tier 1 health care institutions have adopted technologies such as digital signage and mobile devices in their daily operations. This move towards technology is complemented by an increased use of color printing, particularly to improve customer engagement and experience.

For instance, colorful custom wallpapers, banners, and posters have become commonplace in health care institutions throughout Asia, making these environments more inviting. This is a far cry from the typically sterile surroundings of the past. Welcome or information packages and pamphlets for patients are now more visually appealing because they are printed in color. health care practitioners also benefit from colored x-ray and ultrasound images, as these provide more details and aid in highlighting specific areas of concern to patients.

In addition, while registration forms and billing information are printed only when necessary to cut down on costs, doing so allows for patient information to be color-coded for clarity and readability.

As health care institutions continue to undergo DX, the role of printing is set to amplify. Print devices like multi-function devices, which allow the scanning of patients’ records, as well as faster and more secure printers that are designed with space constraints in mind, will become more commonplace in the health care industry. Finally, health care institutions are likely to look to 3D printing for diagnosis awareness and treatment needs, in order to further enhance their patient care.

To find out how you can thrive in the DX era with print, download the IDC health care Viewpoint.

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