The UK's No.1 Printer Brand

Green Credentials

Whether it’s designing our products with the environment in mind, or offering easy recycling and take-back programmes, HP is helping customers reduce their environmental impact and save money.

Our industry-leading, worldwide recycling programme, Plant Partners, allows you to recycle your Original HP ink and LaserJet toner cartridges for free. Customers have returned and recycled 389 million cartridges since the programme began in 1991; if all those cartridges were laid end-to-end along the equator, they would circle the earth more than one and a half times.


HP’s environmental data

HP printers are some of the most energy-efficient on the plant, and qualify for the ENERGY STAR industry standard. Auto-on/auto-off helps save energy by switching the printer off when you don’t need it, and on when you do. Many are made and packaged using recycled or recyclable materials.

We are also working to limit our own footprint: we have committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions 20 per cent below 2005 levels by 2013.

Little wonder that HP’s long history of commitment to environmental sustainability has earned us recognition as one of the top environmental leaders among global companies.

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* Source: IDC Quarterly Hardcopy Tracker: based on total market for inkjet and laser printers and multifunctional products in the UK by unit sales from Q2 2009 through Q4 2011