Facts & Benefits

Interoperability with existing solutions

The Lequinox solution is complementary to many products and solutions available from HPE and other vendors that address compliance and security:

IT Security & Protection
  • Protecting IT platforms, systems, applications, data, identity management
  • Applying security standards (CIS, NIST, ISO,DISA etc)
IT Compliance
  • Ensuring IT processes conform to standards
  • Regulatory & Compliance standards (PCI, SOX, and HIPAA etc)
Investigative AnalyticsGain insight from both human and business information to mitigate financial and legal risk across the organization

As a unique market solution, the Lequinox Solution differentiates in that it can cover the full end-to-end of IT operations, business applications and processes while providing built-in legislative compliance and interoperate with existing security and compliance solutions. This enables organizations to transform and helps decision makers to enforce compliance to policy, standards and regulation throughout their hybrid digital environment.

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