Department of Work and Pensions

We support the DWP in managing more than 13 million payments per week to residents of the UK— that’s benefits

The DWP’s business touches every citizen in the UK, be that senior citizens and pensions, lone parents and child support payments and unemployed people seeking work and relying upon unemployment benefits.

So it really matters to the Department, and the well being of the citizens it serves, that HPES provide a robust and reliable service to help the neediest people in the UK – if we fail a real impact could be people not being able to eat, people not being able to clothe their children or pay the rent.

Just one aspect of the services we provide is the DWP’s website; this is Europe’s biggest website with over 60 million transactions a week. In terms of DWPs business, we make a real difference. Because when we support our client, they support everyone.