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Learning & development

General information
Our global workforce is currently around 325,000. In order to maintain our status as a world-leader in technology, we know that training and structured development are essential for every one of them.

Our approach
We want all of our employees to be able to excel in their current role and be prepared for new challenges. So at every step of your career, we’ll offer you the opportunity to hone your existing skills and build new ones. Recognising that the most effective and rapid way of learning is on-the-job, we’ll encourage you to make the most of the hands-on experience you’ll get on job rotations and cross-functional team projects. And to support this live work, we’ll make sure you’re fully equipped and competent by providing coaching, mentoring and face-to-face, virtual and interactive training programmes; our portfolio of technology-based training contains more than 10,000 active courses on subjects including sales, technical, leadership, and professional skills.

We’ll also encourage you to attend any conferences, seminars, and training at accredited institutions that would be beneficial for your role.

Graduate programme
When you join HP, you’ll start with our on-boarding training, where you’ll learn about the company, the business and your role – giving you an understanding of where you fit in our organisation.

After that, our role is to make sure you have all the skills you need to build a long-term, international career. We concentrate on both ‘soft’ and technical skills, and place a heavy emphasis on ‘on the job’ learning, as well as formal instruction. Your training will vary, depending upon your role but could include coaching from mentors and managers, tutorials, specialised programmes and ‘off-site’ day or residential courses.

At all times, you’ll be the driving force of your development – working with us to identify your needs and goals, and discussing how we can help you to build the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

To find out more about the specific training and development on offer for our roles, go to our programmes page.

Intern programme
Over 13 months, you’ll get an insight into our global organisation, and you’ll benefit from a structured development plan that will enhance the skills you have and help you build a host of new ones.

Throughout the year you’ll undertake regular training and have one-to-one meetings with your manager, all to aid your personal and professional development. With our open-plan offices and dynamic working culture, you’ll also be able to network with senior managers who can help to drive your career forward.

To find out more about the specific training and development on offer for our roles, go to our programmes page.

Apprentice programme
As an apprentice, your training will begin with an on-boarding course. This is followed by an outward-bound training programme designed to hone your key skills. After that, over three years you’ll work towards your BTEC diploma and enjoy a range of business rotations that will mean you can apply your classroom learning to real-world challenges. You’ll also complete the following external vendor qualifications:

  • Windows 2008
  • ITIL Foundation
  • A+ (Essentials & Technician)
  • MS Service Desk qualification
  • HPUX

To find out more about the programme, visit our apprentices page.