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Pocket whiteboard

Turn any classroom surface into an interactive space with the versatile HP Pocket Whiteboard. Low-cost and lightweight, the Pocket Whiteboard projects onto virtually any surface (from walls to flip charts) and creates up to ten feet of diagonal workspace. It features a USB-based plug-and-play installation to project your whiteboard onscreen and online for easy interaction.

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Digital sketch

Lesson plans change. Stay on your toes with HP Digital Sketch, a tablet that connects to a host notebook or desktop to control your lesson plan from anywhere in the classroom. Lightweight and compact, Digital Sketch provides a ton of space to navigate your host computer. And seamless integration with HP Scrapbook makes interacting with HP Pocket Whiteboard easy.

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MultiSeat t150

Change the way your students learn without blowing your technology budget. Because every student learns in a different way, at a different pace, HP MultiSeat t150 allows up to ten students to simultaneously share a single host computer using a simple USB connection. When paired with the HP LE1851wt monitor, it delivers an all in two solution with a single power plug.

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PCs and notebooks

Success in school starts by giving students access to the right technology. And HP delivers a wide range of PC and notebook choices, with the superior quality you expect from our computers, at a price that’s more accommodating to your school’s technology budget.

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Why manage hundreds (or thousands) of PCs when your school can run a few servers? ProLiant, Blades and Integrity servers from HP deliver technology that your school can run around the clock without the support of a large IT team. The result is a cost-effective, scalable solution that fits your school’s unique demands.

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Cloud solutions

Your school’s technology requirements and your student’s demands are unique. You need a cloud solution that’s scalable, affordable and easy to deploy. HP SchoolCloud does all that. It gives teachers and students immediate access to their files from anywhere – all managed from a central location.

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Digital publishing

When it comes to recruiting new students, universities are finding themselves facing fierce competition from other schools. We get it. HP Digital Publishing solutions help your school deliver targeted, personalized mailings and print jobs with cost-effective four-color printing for short-run color print jobs. The results will speak for themselves.

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Dr. Igor Belousov

Leading Manager of Education and Research Programs in Central and Eastern Europe, CIS and Russia.

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