NTUU-KPI students study webOS using HP TouchPads

Many webOS fans cheered recent HP announcements on webOS strategy which will focus on webOS contribution to the open source community and support of its development moving forward.

HP webOS has already become popular due to its possibility to support the development of the platform independent mobile and web applications. This makes webOS a very good tool for teaching mobile and web technologies in Universities which allows the students to study programming for different platforms using simple open technologies such as Enyo, Ares, Javascript, CSS and HTML5.

One of the first Universities which already started webOS programming courses has been National Technical University of Ukraine NTUU-KPI located in Kiev. Course on webOS programming and application development started at NTUU-KPI in Fall 2011.

During his visit to NTUU-KPI Igor Belousov, CEE Manager of HP Institute of Technology, provided HP Touch Pad for the students and teachers which will be able to use it to test webOS applications. The devices were provided by HP webOS Developer Relations Team.

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