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Millennials are a powerful catalyst forcing organizations to change

Estimated to reach 106 million in Europe by 2020, millenials have a huge influence over older generations. They are trendsetters across all industries, from fashion to food, and when there’s new technology available, you can bet that millennials will be all over it.

This new generation is a powerful catalyst, forcing organizations to change because the irony of the digital revolution is that it is primarily about people and less so about technology.

Read more in this paper: Why the digital revolution is an anthropological correction (Ade McCormack)

Why the digital revolution is an anthropological correction

In order to keep your brand relevant, and appealing to millennials, you need to be able to engage them on new platforms as consumers and at the same time, you want to attract and retain this new workforce because your employees are your biggest asset to create value for your company.

This brings new challenges to your enterprise - like all other enterprises you need to reduce costs but at the same time your challenge is to search for innovative ways of engaging the new consumer world, whilst attracting and retaining talent. For this you need to transform to become a Mobile Enterprise.

With the HP ES Mobile Enterprise Workshops, HP is ready to help you make the leap to become a mobile enterprise and help you engage with the Millennial customers and workforce .

Why the digital revolution is an anthropological correction
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