HP LTO Ultrium storage media

The LTO Ultrium format, developed jointly by HP, IBM and Quantum, continues to thrive as the world’s leading tape technology. HP LTO Ultrium cartridges meet all your demands for maximum reliability when restoring data, offering high capacities, simple management and backup performance that can grow with your business. Two versions are available in capacities of up to 3TB with LTO-5 – HP LTO Ultrium RW for backup/restore operations and HP LTO Ultrium WORM for compliant, permanent and tamperproof archives. HP’s LTO Ultrium portfolio includes a choice of Custom and Non-Custom Labelled cartridges for improved handling and precision in automated libraries, RFID and environmentally friendly Eco Case and Eco Pack options.

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Here are ten key factors that make HP LTO Ultrium tapes the best choice for protecting your data

  1. Low total cost of ownership – LTO is the most economical and energy-efficient way to protect large amounts of data. According to the research firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), the amount of digital archive petabytes (PBs) stored on tape far outstrips the amount of PBs stored on disk or in the Cloud. ESG expect the total digital archive capacity on tape to demonstrate 45% compound annual growth through 2015.
  2. A green storage solution - Clipper Group studied the Total-Cost-Of-Ownership (TCO) of using disk or tape to archive large binary files with a 45% annual growth rate over a 12 year period. The Clipper Group concluded that disk is more than fifteen times more expensive than tape for archival. Also, disk uses 238 times more energy - costing more than the total cost of the tape solution.
  3. Simple, desktop file management – Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology makes tape files as easy to share and edit as disk files, improving usability and productivity.
  4. Storage consolidation – LTO Ultrium stores more data in the same footprint, providing a more compact and economical storage solution for automated tape libraries, long-term archiving and offsite storage. The current LTO-5 cartridge is the same physical size as its LTO-1 predecessor, yet holds fifteen times as much data.
  5. One solution fits all – providing a high performance media for backup, disaster recovery and archiving.
  6. Extra security – data is offline to threats, and LTO-4 and LTO-5 Ultrium offers the extra security of WORM and hardware-based data encryption.
  7. Removable – simple and secure transportation, especially when using RFID media, and cost- effective off-site storage for disaster recovery and archival purposes.
  8. The longest shelf life available – with a manufacturer-specified life of more than 30 years.
  9. Trusted – LTO Ultrium is a familiar, proven format that is widely available and widely supported by systems and software.
  10. Scalable – tape solutions keep pace with data growth without further investment in infrastructure.