HP Cape2Cape 2.0 2015

Ready for the Race?

Excited to see how Rainer and his crew are doing? Want to know where they are, how they feel and if the car is alright? Visit our World-Record Dashboard. During the entire race time the HP World-Record Dashboard gives you vital live data from the inside of Rainer’s VW Touareg. Car parameters like engine speed and temperature, as well as biometric data from the drivers, is displayed live. On top of this, possible threats for the racing crew are shown, so they can immediately react to potential hazards that may put the new World Record at stake.

Be live on board

It’s just like being part of the race. A countdown reveals how close they are to finishing in a new World Record time, and a live position of the car and current environmental situation helps you to determine what is still awaiting them on their way. The basic information is displayed on the overview page of the HP World-Record Dashboard. To get into more detail each of these dynamic sets of parameters has its own dedicated page to increase the informational flow. Last but not least, Rainer will be in contact with you to provide a daily video update, giving you real-time information from within the car.

Take part in this tremendous project and follow Rainer and his team live—all the way from South Africa to Norway on our HP Cape2Cape World-Record Dashboard.