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HP storage media - lasting innovation you can depend on.

Every day, in every major region, more customers are backing up and archiving their data to HP LTO Ultrium cartridges than to any other brand. It’s a position of great trust and responsibility that we are proud to occupy.

But why do so many businesses choose HP LTO Ultrium media? We believe there are three main reasons.

LTO Ultrium – the best choice

HP LTO Ultrium cartridges are designed, manufactured and tested as vital parts of a complete tape storage system. In HP R&D centres in Europe and the USA we continue to develop groundbreaking new tape technologies with faster backup speeds, larger capacities and exciting new features such as Linear Tape File System.

LTO Ultrium - best choice

Tested to extremes

The best possible microscope to test media is a tape drive, or rather thousands of tape drives, performing the same backup and restore tasks as real users. HP has invested millions of dollars in a unique testing program to scrutinise the performance of tape backup solutions under every kind of stress.

Ease of purchase, usage and support

We continuously test batches of HP media on many drives, in real life conditions, to be sure our results are consistent for any combination, rather than a narrower, custom test on just one drive and cartridge. This testing covers both HP and leading non-HP devices so you can be sure of maximum quality and reliability regardless of your make of hardware.