Benefits of your cloud

The cloud will inspire you to do business differently. It will give you new ways of working to fully exploit your company's expertise and growth potential.

You'll be able to buy IT resources, at every level, ‘as a service'. For example, instead of investing capital in servers or buying software licences, you'll be able to buy them all as a service and have the most up-to-date IT resources at your fingertips, on demand and within budget.

And our collaborative approach ensures you'll evolve safely to the cloud and harness all the benefits cloud has to offer.


Improved business agility is perhaps the single greatest benefit of cloud computing. The cloud approach reduces the need for physical IT infrastructure, while driving standardisation and automation. In a constantly changing world, combining traditional and cloud technology in a hybrid way means you can take new products and services to market faster than ever before, react to market changes more quickly and merge and acquire businesses more easily. Also with cloud, you can rationalise and modernise applications much easier, making your business more streamlined and responsive to market trends.


Harnessing capacity as and when you need it to meet fluctuating demand gives your business the room to grow in a way that is reliable and secure. It enables you to control costs and respond to market needs more quickly. You can scale infrastructure and services up and down quickly, reliably and securely – much faster than in traditional, ‘silo' IT environments. Turning new services on or off instantly means you can respond more intelligently to today's changing business conditions.


Standardising your IT environment will streamline the way you do business, improve collaborative working, increase the time to market and deliver better value all round.


Blending traditional IT with private, managed private, virtual private and public clouds supports the creation of a dynamic IT environment that's tailor-made for your business. You'll have the option to build your infrastructure and applications services as your business needs them – on-demand, in a structured yet flexible way, allowing for quick access to resources.

Reduced total cost of operationReduced total cost of operation

Evolving to the cloud gives you the power to reduce costs and put your money where it matters, converting capital expenditure into operating expenditure. You'll increase productivity and cut operational costs, including the time and costs associated with implementing new and critical applications internally.

Continuity of serviceContinuity of service

With cloud comes uninterrupted services, releasing time to focus on running and growing your business.

Security of informationSecurity of information

Our extensive global security expertise means your cloud infrastructure and business's lifeblood – your data – is secure in the safe environment of HP's state-of-the-art, green data centres.

Data sovereigntyData sovereignty

Enjoy global reach with local access. Our commitment to the cloud is reflected in the maintenance and development of 28 secure and green cloud data centres across the world. So you can be confident your new IT environment and data are accessible and in safe hands.