The role of business leaders

Every executive leader has a unique perspective on business, and each is likely to have different demands on how IT best supports their needs. Yet collective business priorities are often around innovation, increasing productivity and long-term growth.

Cloud computing is a true enabler of better business outcomes. Done right, cloud promises agility, scalability, flexibility, customer insight and cost efficiencies. But unlike other IT solutions, this new style of IT is a way of evolving your business from a traditional, rigid IT infrastructure to an environment that releases time and resources to invest in your core business. Cloud enables the IT focus to shift from a maintenance-led strategy to one that supports automation and innovation.

But to reap these very real benefits, it's vital to be on the same page as your peers when transformational decisions – like a move to the cloud – are being made.

Business leaders across the world are working with us to explore how the cloud can best support their immediate and long-term needs. Our cloud workshops are where executive teams come together to consider key strategic priorities and the business benefits a move to the cloud will bring. It's a great way of demonstrating how working with a trusted partner like HP can secure executive level buy-in from the start, and produce a joined-up and robust roadmap to successfully evolve to the cloud.

Master the cloud journey - converged cloud workshop