Features of HP's cloud services

Cloud computing is moving businesses from costly, rigid, legacy-based IT to highly scalable, cost-efficient and flexible services that can be easily consumed as and when they are needed. There are a host of features that make HP's cloud solutions the intelligent choice.


HP's cloud solutions are maintained in a secure, controlled and well-governed environment, with automated tooling support producing more efficient workflows, policies and business models across your entire organisation. Adopting HP Helion Managed Cloud Services will not only provision resources more quickly, but will also let your organisation provision and consume business processes at the optimum time.


HP's cloud solutions have common management and security built-in. You can benefit from HP's use of standardised security practices and processes and our careful efforts to protect your assets from threats.
All of our cloud services are designed for core business applications that require high levels of service performance, availability, continuity, responsiveness and service quality.


HP's hybrid delivery of cloud services means you can combine traditional and cloud technology to fit your business perfectly. The way we manage and integrate our cloud services delivers all the benefits of a traditional IT environment blended with a choice of cloud deployment models; private cloud, managed cloud, virtual private cloud or public cloud – or a combination of what's best for your business.


By avoiding expensive lock-ins with vendors, HP Helion Managed Cloud Services enable seamless working across different platforms.


As a trusted partner, we work with you to properly plan for and integrate cloud services into your existing systems and applications. We deliver high-quality services consistently by using well-defined and tested processes, extensive automation and an enterprise-grade infrastructure.


HP Helion Managed Cloud Services come with reliability guaranteed. And with capacity on-demand, you can ‘flex-up' and ‘flex-down' to suit your business needs at any one time.

Mobile and easily accessibleMobile and easily accessible

HP Helion Managed Cloud Services offer cloud-enabled mobile management, simplified user-authentication, secure file sharing and syncing and diversified application access. Employees and customers now expect mobility - anywhere, anytime, any-device engagements. Organisations like yours require solutions that address these expectations and at the same time, meet IT security needs. HP Helion Managed Cloud Services allow you to offer workers and customers, autonomy, flexibility and choice without endangering underlying systems and data.

Global reachGlobal reach

Our collaborative service spans over 300,000 employees worldwide. The combination of our technologies, hybrid delivery model and experience of running large-scale cloud environments enables us to service and support you wherever you are in the world.


You can bank on us to evolve your business to the cloud safely. Our services are backed by smart processes, experienced people and an inclusive style to ensure your cloud solution is mapped exactly to your business needs. It means you have the time to capitalise on the opportunities of growth and competitive advantage.


HP deploys and manages cloud security, based on our extensive research, testing and best practices. We champion a holistic view of security in the cloud environment and HP Labs are addressing the challenges by developing innovative technologies that provide a robust chain of trust from bottom to top. We combine our own cloud security technology and software products with VMware virtualisation software, to help you mitigate risks and meet new regulatory requirements for bringing the best cloud computing security to virtual and cloud infrastructures.

Common governanceCommon governance

Founded on enterprise-class standards and common governance, HP Helion Managed Cloud Services give you and your customers the peace of mind to operate in a highly secure and safe environment, with protection against threats and vulnerabilities.